Month: June 2014

  • Forces of Nature – Gravity

    Gravity is the most obvious of the four forces of nature. It is what holds our feet on the ground, the atmosphere in place and keeps Earth orbiting the Sun but gravity is an attractive force only, anti gravity is the subject a science fiction. Gravity has an infinite range but is the weakest of […]

  • Four Forces of Nature

    In nature there are four fundamental forces that control everything in the in the universe. They are:– 1) Gravity. This is the force that keeps our feet on the ground and is experienced by everything. 2) Electromagnetism. This keeps your magnets stuck to the fridge but also keeps the molecules in your body together to […]

  • The Universe

    The sheer size and scale of the Universe is something that fascinates me as a budding amateur astronomer. I think of the distances I travel on Earth as being big (I live in the UK so actually they are not that big!), maybe a few hundred miles or so, but these are just microscopic on […]