About the Tall Astronomer

My name is Chris Hall and I am the Tall Astronomer. Well, that is what I would like to be. Currently I am a project manager for the civil service but one of my big interests is Astronomy. I am fascinated by the sheer size, scale and raft of different things that are present in the universe, and conversely the size, scale and raft of different things that we can’t see and don’t understand in the universe.

In order to further my interest I am currently into my third year of a distance learning BSc (Hons) Astronomy degree via the University of Central Lancashire. As this is a distance learning course I have to do it all in my spare time so it is going to take some time! I probably have about another 5~6 years left to go and so far I have found it really interesting as it explains the science behind my wonder.

One of the things I find helpful is talking through what I have learnt with other people as it causes me to think about what I am learning when explaining it back. This blog is my attempt to explain the science of Astronomy in a straight forward, uncomplicated way with a little bit of the maths (this can be hard!) to as wide an audience as possible. I have created a “topics list” in a planner with the aim of posting once a week and trying to tie the posts together into a theme each month. As astronomy covers everything from atoms to galaxies, everything in between and beyond, there will be a lot I can cover.

My aim is to try to connect with enthusiastic amateur astronomers who want to learn a bit more about the science behind astronomy without getting too complicated. I will try to write in plain English, explaining the details in as simple a way as I can without using too much jargon, but trying to convey the scientific method used.

However, this is my first attempt at blogging and I have never written anything like this before so I am hopefull that blogging style will develop and improve over the course of this adventure and that I will meet some interesting people with similar interests to me. I also hope this blog will help me cement my knowledge of astronomy and compliment my ongoing study.

I look forward to sharing my blog with you.